Our Grant Funded Projects

We provide music therapy via grant funded projects to a growing number of marginalised groups. Many are from low-income households.

Service-user feedback demonstrates our main areas of impact to be improved social and communication skills; increased confidence and emotional resilience; stronger relationships.

Information Day 2023

Belltree are hosting a free-to-attend event for those who work with or care for vulnerable people, or those interested in music therapy for themselves, to find out more about how music therapy can support a wide range of communities.

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Vocal Connections

Belltree partnered with the Macmillan Horizon Centre to offer Vocal Psychotherapy groups to support participants to connect with their emotional strength and resilience through working with their voice.

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Musical Pathways

Belltree offered adults with learning disabilities, autism, or mental health difficulties a pathway back into the community after feeling socially isolated, through 1:1 and then group music therapy.

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Women’s Centre

Belltree partnered with Brighton Womens’ Centre to bring voice work, music, and mindfulness together, connecting the body with its emotions.

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Musical Sanctuary

Belltree therapists run a weekly music therapy group for boys under 18 from a range of countries living in emergency accommodation, who have recently arrived in the UK seeking asylum.

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