Belltree Music Therapy for my own professional development

Belltree Music Therapy offers opportunities for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

You do not have to be part of our team to benefit from these services, most of which can be accessed online or in-person.

Clinical Supervision – offered by experienced members of our team who are registered supervisors approved by the British Association for Music Therapy.

Safeguarding Training Level 3 - offered every 3 years by a national safeguarding specialist Penny Rogers, aimed at independent therapists, counsellors and arts therapists.

Consultation and teaching – our team have a range of specialisms and can advise individuals or teams by appointment.

Skills-sharing – our team has various specialisms and can offer training to individuals or teams as required. Eg. Using music for communication, interaction and self-expression in children and adults with autism and /or learning disabilities, use of the voice and singing for mental health support.

Please contact us for further information about any of these services.

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