Belltree Music Therapy was established in 2009 to support people in Brighton & Hove and across Sussex.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make music therapy accessible to everyone who needs it.

Our team of HCPC registered music therapists are highly experienced and trained to help people of any age or ability use their natural musicality to support their social and emotional wellbeing, and personal development. All our therapists have Level 3 or 4 Safeguarding Training.

Belltree Music Therapy are also able to offer specialist support including Vocal Psychotherapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, and Music and Mindfulness.

Our Mission

To support people who are disadvantaged through illness, disability, social isolation, trauma, or suffering from mental health difficulties which make everyday life a challenge.

To build emotional resilience, increase self-esteem and connection with others, thereby strengthening relationships and enabling a better quality of life.

Our Values

We believe that everyone has an equal right to psychological support. We strive to reach those who cannot easily access verbal therapies or would benefit from a reflective, interactive and creative medium.

We recognise that everyone has an inbuilt musicality which remains intact regardless of illness or disability. We value this innate ability which we use to build connections with people who find it difficult to express themselves.

Our Impact

In 2022 our service continued to recover from the pandemic, providing more group and grant funded community work.

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