Belltree Music Therapy

Connecting, Caring, Creating

Sometimes it’s hard or even impossible to put feelings into words. We support people facing challenges due to illness, disability, social isolation, trauma, or mental health difficulties, through the medium of music.

Connecting. Caring. Creating.

Music Therapy uses sound, rhythm, and silence to help children or adults explore and communicate their inner experience.  No musical experience is necessary.

Our work builds emotional resilience, communication skills, self-esteem, and connection with others, thereby strengthening relationships and enabling a better quality of life.

Our Services

Music Therapy is an HCPC Registered Health Profession which uses musical improvisation and talking (where appropriate) in a therapeutic setting, enabling the client to develop a musical language with which to express themselves. No musical experience is necessary.

As well as being skilled musicians, our highly experienced team are trained psychological therapists, which makes music therapy an effective alternative to talking therapy. Music therapy is accessible to all - transcending barriers caused by language, illness, disability, or emotional difficulties.

Our team of Music Therapists hold postgraduate degrees in music therapy with additional specialisms including neurologic music therapy, vocal psychotherapy, suicide prevention and music and mindfulness.

How can Belltree Music Therapy help you?
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“I think music therapy has had a profound impact on us as a family, it’s shown us a way that we can all communicate with Caleb and tap into him, and build our relationships with him.”

Parent of child with complex medical needs

“I’m so happy to be me, here again, playing music together. I amaze myself! I spring to life here, I do!”

Male adult with Williams Syndrome

“All students that have attended music therapy have greatly benefitted. The sessions have contributed towards their engagement, communication and self-regulation skills.”

Jackie Hutchings, teacher at Downs View School

“It was great to see how a supportive environment can bring out confident self.  My daughter enjoyed the sense of independence and freedom to express herself without need for words”

Parent of 11 year old with Autism

“My sessions with Belltree helped me come home to myself.  I feel reconnected with my voice and now have the confidence to use it.”

Adult with PTSD, Autism and Fibromyalgia

“R loves her music therapy sessions as she can express herself and use her hands in a purposeful way which is not easy for her. She takes the lead which gives her a real sense of empowerment!”

Parent of adult with Rett Syndrome

“I was amazed by the significant progress I made with the rhythmic auditory stimulation and gait training, compared to the lack of success I had experienced with standard physiotherapy.”

Adult with a neurological condition

Community Projects

We have provided music therapy via grant funded projects to a growing number of marginalised groups including asylum seekers, vulnerable women, and adults with learning disabilities. Many are from low-income households.

Our service-user feedback demonstrates our main areas of impact to be: improved social and communication skills; increased confidence and emotional resilience; stronger relationships.

Information Day 2023

Belltree are hosting a free-to-attend event for those who work with or care for vulnerable people, or those interested in music therapy for themselves, to find out more about how music therapy can support a wide range of communities.

Learn more

Musical Pathways

Belltree offered adults with learning disabilities, autism, or mental health difficulties a pathway back into the community after feeling socially isolated, through 1:1 and then group music therapy.

Learn more

Vocal Connections

Belltree partnered with the Macmillan Horizon Centre to offer Vocal Psychotherapy groups to support participants to connect with their emotional strength and resilience through working with their voice.

Learn more

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