Recent fundraising

Belltree’s annual fundraiser gig with Brighton-born band, Huggy and the Bears!


Songs for Belltree, 2021


Live Stream Piano Recital with Jon Byrne, 2020


Get involved!

If you would like to raise funds for Belltree, we would love to hear from you! Examples of how friends of Belltree previously have raised money include:

“Busk for Belltree” - whip out your instrument, put down a hat and busk for Belltree.

Arcane Events – students from BIMM produced an evening of live music as an assignment in their studies, and chose Belltree to donate all money raised to.

Donating instruments for use in sessions, ranging from guitars to hand percussion.

Perhaps you are an avid marathon runner (or first timer!), love to bake and hold cake sales, or would love the excuse to game for 24 hours straight?! Whatever your idea, please get in touch and be involved in supporting many vulnerable communities to access the therapeutic support they deserve.

Belltree can receive donations here, directly via bank transfer or cash.

Even a small action like sharing our social media posts can help generate awareness to help people in need.  

Thanks in advance for your support!

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