Musical Sanctuary

Belltree hold weekly group music therapy for boys under 18 from a range of countries living in emergency accommodation, who have recently arrived in the UK seeking asylum.

We were asked by the Refugee Council to deliver group Music Therapy sessions for the children in October 2021. Since then, the project has continued on a weekly basis.

The project provides regular Music Therapy support to the young people at a time when they are highly vulnerable and have experienced trauma, inconsistency, and loss.

Number of participants: 540 in 2022

What did the participants say?

Although speaking English is limited for many of the young people, they feed back through our image-based feedback forms how it makes them feel happy and relaxed and they look forward to the group each week.

What were the benefits of this work?

  • Better mental health and emotional resilience – the young people reported feeling calmer, happier, and more relaxed at the end of the sessions
  • A reduction in feelings of isolation – using music as the tool of communication enables the young people to make connections with each other despite the cultural differences
  • An openness and awareness of others – there is a greater convivial atmosphere between the young people after the sessions which has a lasting impact
  • Creative expression in a safe therapeutic space – the therapists devise a range of approaches to support the young people

Thank you to Chalk Cliff Trust and Brighton and Hove City Council for funding this work.

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