“Apart from being the highlight of his week, Music Therapy has given our son a tool to help him communicate, an area which he really struggles with.  From a very young age he has loved music and being able to have a musical “conversation” with another person has allowed him to express himself and make his feelings and emotions known, which would be very difficult for him otherwise.  As parents we believe music therapy is extremely powerful and very enjoyable for anyone but is particularly magical when it involves a child with special needs and communication difficulties.”
Parent of a child with autism and complex health needs, seen at Belltree Music Therapy CIC

“When I first heard of Music Therapy I was intrigued by how it may help my daughter. She often gets worried and anxious yet doesn’t readily talk about how she’s feeling so music therapy seemed the right thing to try. It is helping my daughter a great deal as it’s a place where she doesn’t necessarily need to use words to express how she feels. The openness and flexibility of music and sound has really helped her explore the anxieties she has but in a relaxed and non confrontational way. The work that the music therapist does is absolutely fantastic and my daughter has settled well into the sessions. She enjoys the time she has here and looks forward to coming each week.”
Parent of a 10yr old girl with autism who attends mainstream school, seen at the Belltree Music Therapy CIC

“B. has been attending music therapy for a year now, attending once a week. When B. is in good spirits, he clearly shows his excitement in going to his session, and if he is a low mood, attending the session always improves his mood, and he leaves smiling and happy. I feel certain that these sessions have positively contributed to an overall improvement in his emotional wellbeing and general calmness. I am confident that B. has developed a strong trust and bond with the music therapist, and is definitely keen to keep going.”
Registered Nurse and carer for a non-verbal young man with cerebral palsy seen at the Belltree Music Therapy CIC