Dusty Bluebells Project

Connecting older people and young children through traditional stories, songs and musical improvisation’

When the generations spend time together it can draw us towards the positive aspects of life such as friendship and creativity. Traditional stories, songs and musical improvisation stimulate the imagination and trigger memories – they offer opportunities for feelings and ideas to be shared even when verbal communication is limited – research has shown that this can bring a sense of personal value and emotional wellbeing to all involved.

Since we are not able to visit care homes due to Covid-19, we are attempting to bridge the gap caused by the restrictions with these video resources. Many grandparents are not able to see their grandchildren, so we hope that by watching the stories and song videos together via shared online platforms they experience a sense of togetherness, regardless of physical location. If you are lucky enough to be meeting in person, you can watch the videos and join in together.

The stories and songs on this page have been specially selected for familiarity and intergenerational appeal. The video ‘How to Tell a Traditional Story’ at the bottom of the page is a documentary-style training session of ‘how to take a story off the page and put it on the tongue’ for those interested in storytelling as an art form.

We’d like to thank the Sussex Community Foundation for supporting our project and we hope you enjoy the connection these videos provide.

Fleur Shorthouse has been telling traditional stories and teaching philosophy A level for over 25yrs. She tells stories to people of all ages in educational and wellbeing settings.

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Introduction to the Project
Our work in Care Homes

Intergenerational Stories

The Little Red Hen
The Three Little Pigs

Intergenerational Songs

Action Songs
Nursery Rhymes, Rounds and Classics

How to Tell a Traditional Story

How to Tell a Traditional Story
How to Tell a Traditional Story PDF Resource Pack