Services and costs

What services do we offer and how much do they cost?


All clients are assessed before treatment is offered. An assessment typically involves three sessions of 30 – 40 minutes, an interview with the family / carers, liaison with other professionals working with the client and an optional report.

This assessment informs us how much a client could potentially benefit from music therapy and about other issues such as the client’s developmental stage, and their mental health needs.

A music therapy assessment can provide a valuable contribution to other types of assessment such as for Autistic Spectrum Condition, Developmental Delay or Dementia.

Fee: £165 + £45 for optional report


One-to-one sessions of 30 – 40 minutes, 

Fee: £45

Group sessions of 40 – 50 minutes, 

Fee: £70 – £90

These fees include the therapist’s time for setting up, note keeping and liaising with other professionals.

The minimum length generally recommended for music therapy treatment after assessment is ten sessions. This can be appropriate if there are no complex mental health issues or the work is focused on a specific area of need.

If a client’s needs are complex and ongoing, it is more appropriate to come to music therapy for a minimum of 20 sessions; it is not uncommon for clients with complex needs to come for several years. This allows the therapeutic relationship to evolve and for long-term changes to take place for the client.

Sources of funding

Funding for music therapy can sometimes be supported by local council services and by local and national charities. Please contact us for further information.

Presentations and Workshops

We are available to give presentations to staff groups to clarify how music therapy can help and reasons for referral.

We offer workshops to schools, parent/carer groups or staff groups who would like ideas about using music interactively when working with both children and adults.


The music therapists have a wide range of experience in many different clinical settings. We are able to offer a consultation service on setting up music therapy posts, and how to integrate it into an existing service.


Clinical supervision for practicing and trainee music therapists

£40 – £45 per hour

Making a referral

Referrals can be made by parents, carers or any professional working with the client such as GP’s, health visitors, paediatricians, speech and language therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, or teachers. Adults are welcome to self-refer.

Please contact the centre for a referral form or download a a pdf version here

If you have any questions or would like an informal discussion before making a referral, you are welcome to contact us